Memorial monument of Great Domestic War

Participation on La Biennale di Venezia WORKSHOP RUSSIA

Memorial monument of Great Domestic WarProblem:


Absence in Ekaterinburg of a large memorial monument of Great Domestic War and as the city needs the big exhibition hall in downtown. The area of Defense - historically and a significant place for city since from this area there left soldiers to protect the native land, and town-planning demands the greater accent in city ensemble.


The decision of a problem: The offered decision of a problem assumes to use historical aspect of the given place directly. Columns as a sculpture, supporting a plate personify soldiers, and the plate personifies a board and a victory born on shoulders of soldiers given out the lifes for the native land. Seen with the area and the basic approaches the part of a complex works on city as sculptural ensemble of a memorial. And that that is above the top plate - a functional part of a complex and it from the ground it is not visible. If a museum to place on all area of the top plate, it will be disturbed tectonic build ensemble. The useful area of this building of a memorial it is possible to use not only as a museum - memorial but also as information - exhibition . In a building also there is a forum used for assemblies and performances.