1 PLACE IN COMPETITION " Ideal cities of the future " (Ekaterinburg) / 2001

"Mandala" - City of Dream and Harmony
In our time city is becoming interactive like it has never been before, and we enter its form like it enters our behavior.
Mandala plays the roles of an image of the world, image of man and an instrument of knowledge at the same time, thus the use of this symbol in architecture allows to reach maximum harmony in the relations between city and man. The rich symbolism of mandala also incorporates the idea of regulating life, and the buildings carrying the elements of its symbolism play an active communicative role, which is an indispensable component of life of the cities of the future.
Mandala is the corner stone of many temples and old cities of Indochina. In the proposed project mandala is the regulating and structuring core of an ideal city of the future that organizes the interaction between man, nature and the Universe. Mandala was and is a symbolic base of the Universe, a plastic and spatial-sense clue to formation of an ideal city of the future, the city of dream and harmony."